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lucyp ([personal profile] lucyp) wrote2011-10-17 05:05 pm

Come and talk with me!

The first of the OTW Board Candidate chats starts in around three hours - see when this is for your timezone. They'll be held in the OTW Public Discussion chatroom (link takes you directly into the room). Come along and say hi to me and my fellow candidates!

This is a chance to ask us the important questions, like why was Firefly cancelled and when are the OTW going to launch an upload-from-brain interface for the AO3, and maybe something about our respective philosophies on the OTW and Board membership. :p

Be there or be a rectangular thynge! (Or if you can't be there, you can show up to the next chat on 26th October or send in some questions for us via the elections contact form.)

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[personal profile] samvara 2011-10-17 11:51 pm (UTC)(link)
That being Tuesday 3am I will endeavor to dream about you :)

... when ARE you going to launch an upload-from-brain interface for the AO3?